As a hand papermaker with a printmaking background, I see my work as an adventurous hybrid between a range of processes, chosen for their aesthetic value and contextual significance. Experimentation in the studio invigorates my artistic process. By using forms that echo themselves in the natural world I explore the symbiotic relationship between humans and their environment. My artistic practice is about using the land as a source of material, in a proper and sustainable manner. I begin by collecting raw plant material and transform the collected fibersinto paper pulp, which is used to form irregular sheets,sculptural pieces through the use of spraying, pouring and casting processes, realize large scale pulp paintings, and sometimes even flat sheets for print processes. The visual qualities of paper set up exciting contradictions, it can appear heavy and solid but it is extremely lightweight and the surface has a soft glow. Even though my processes are very controlled, it is hard to predict the results and I am always surprised to see the final product.